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LED Fittings: Gallium Series
High powered LED downlight fittings

Powerful. Long life. Very high output. Superior Construction

The Gallium GS6 is a high-powered LED downlight fitting. It is the first white LED architectural downlight that provides the lumen output and efficiency of compact fluorescent fittings, without the environmental side effects.

Featuring the standard 180mm square, 16-cell louvered reflector, the understated design of the GS6 LED downlight fits in with contemporary commercial and high-end residential settings. The GS6 employs a heavy-duty heat dissipation system to maximize efficiency and LED life. The 45 degree shielding angle eliminates glare and ensures visual comfort.

Gallium GS6

The 5400K Gallium produces light equivalent to 2 x 18w commercial compact fluorescent downlight fittings.

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  • Very long expected life - over 50,000 hours
  • Available in daylight white (5400K), neutral white (4000k), warm white (3500K or 3000k) or other colours by order
  • Powers from standard 240V mains
  • Wide angle even beam
  • High lumens output
  • Shielded 45 degree semi-specular reflector system
  • Strong 18 gauge housing compatible with ceiling materials 25mm thick
  • Thermally optimised heatsink for LED longevity (<75°C LED junction temp)
  • Very little heat produced by the fitting
  • Low power consumption - 21w, all inclusive
  • Ease of installation
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Complies with Australian Standards