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LED Fittings: Streamline Series
Pendant fitting, Floor and Table lights

Sleek. Stylish. Contemporary

The Streamline Series of table, floor and pendant lights offer ultra sleek fittings using energy efficient LED technology. With no heat in the beam and no UV emitted, the advantages of LED lighting are brought to you in these products combining innovative design and sustainability.

The Streamline Table light measures 500mm high. Use the Streamline Table light on benches, tabletops, side tables, etc to provide a beautiful ambient light source.

The Streamline Floor light fitting is an ultra sleek statement piece. The light measures 1600mm high. Like the table light it swivels on it’s base for easy adjustment.

The Streamline Pendant light fitting is an environmentally friendly way to provide over table, bench and desk lighting. The pendant measures 1000mm. For more light, the Streamline UpDown Pendant Light is recommended. This light features two tracks down and one track up to create a strong task light with enhanced atmosphere.

The light source of the Streamline Series comes in interchangeable modules allowing you to easily increase the light output or change the color of your light.

The Streamline 1.6m Pendant is a new brighter Streamline Pendant with various options for its light source making it a powerfully bright LED fitting. Specify the brightness you require and create a pendant light according to your needs. It’s an environmentally friendly way to provide task lighting over benches, tables and desks.

Here are the lumens output for the various options of the Streamline 1.6m Pendant:
Colour temperature v1 v2 v3
2700k   1840lm 3300lm
3000k 1560lm    
3500k   2100lm 3700lm
4000k 1560lm    

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Streamline Series Table and Floor
Streamline Series Pendant
  • Modular design
  • Sleek and Stylish
  • Ultra Slim profile
  • Very low energy usage
  • Various lighting options for the 1.6m Pendant
  • Can change the light source
  • 18 month limited warranty