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LED Linear Family: VarioLED® Flex IQ, Colour & RGB
Flexible linear LED strip lights

Made in Germany. Tunable Light. Range of Colours. Colour changing. IP67 Capable.

The VarioLED® Flex IQ is a family of warm white to cool white tunable LED strips. The VarioLED® Flex Colour is a family of coloured LED strips. The VarioLED® Flex RGB is a family of colour changing LED strips. Each are available in a choice of power and lumens output for your application.

When used with the appropriate VarioContour extrusion and VarioCover, you can achieve a dot-free look from the LED light source. The VarioContour and VarioCover provide for mounting, protection and diffusion of LED light.

The VarioLED® Flex IQ, VarioLED® Flex Colour & VarioLED® Flex RGB can also be produced to IP67 grade in a flexible or rigid construction to cope with the demands of water and dust ingress. For continuous submersion, see the VarioLED Venus & Phobos for their IP68 models.


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For detailed information, including IES files, please visit the LED Linear website.

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