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Solar: Solar Road Marker
LED road and Pavement marker

Solar powered, easy to install, maintenance free operation.

The Solar Road Marker represents the next generation in road and pavement marker systems. The marker is solar powered, easy to install, has an unbreakable polycarbonate clear facing and is designed for maintenance free operation. The Solar Road Marker uses the EnergyCache as its power storage device and is packaged in a durable, sturdy and compact road stud.
From dusk to dawn, Solar Road Markers are clearly visible to drivers more than 1 km away without the aid of direct reflection from the headlight beam. Solar Road Markers are fully tested and are currently operational in over 36 countries worldwide.


Wet Roads
Conventional reflective markers lose their visibility on wet roads. The Solar Road Marker’s active illumination remains brightly visible, unaffected by wet conditions.

Foggy Conditions
High intensity LED spot lights penetrate the fog to help the driver to negotiate curves.

Dark Rural Country Roads
Illumination from the Road Marker can eliminate the need for street lighting while maintaining safe driving conditions.Mountain RoadsHelp show approaching sharp turns and blind curves. Solar Road Markers can also be mounted on guard railing to provide even greater visibility on twisted mountain roads.

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  • Active/passive Illumination: Solar powered high intensity LEDs combined with highly efficient Lexan reflectors for superior performance in luminosity
  • Super strong polycarbonate cover and aluminium shell for impact durability
  • Maintenance free design. Automatic on/off light sensor activation
  • Simple installation. Same procedure as with existing conventional markers
  • Stud-free mounting for off-ground installation, eg. guard rails and barriers
  • Operational lifetime 3 to 5 times longer than conventional markers
  • Available in 3 body styles, double sided, single sided, 5 colours, steady or flashing modes