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Solar: Solarbeam Series
LED guiding and navigation lights

Long life, solar powered, no maintenance required.

The Solarbeam Series consists of a range of long life solar powered guiding and navigation lights for the road, civil structures, in virtually any outdoor environment. They require no maintenance, have a long life of more than 10 years and work within a wide operating temperature range.

The Solarbeam Series use the very latest technology in energy storage called the EnergyCache. The EnergyCache contains no environmentally damaging components, has a wide operating temperature range and lasts more than 100,000 charge/discharge cycles.

The Solarbeam Series is water resistant, constructed with durable polycarbonate or molded aluminium alloy housing and comes in a range of colors with 2 illumination modes.

Model HBYC1
Model HBYC1 is a marker designed for walls, pedestrian paths or non-vehicular trafficked raised pavement areas. It can be installed using the 2 bolt holes alongside the body and/or via road construction epoxy.

Model HBHL
Model HBHL is a marker designed for fixing on structures such as bridges. It provide illumination along one side of the marker.

Model HBDD1
Model HBDD1 is a double sided inground marker for traffic applications. It is designed to be completely embedded inground with the LEDs providing delineation for both sides of the traffic.

Model HBYC1
Model HBYC1

Model HBYC1
Model HBHL

Model HBDD1
Model HBDD1

The SolarBeam Series is available in yellow (amber), blue, green, red, white and orange LED colours.

The Solarbeam guiding lights can be installed in a range of outdoor settings.
Inground: Driveways, pathways, carparks, roads
Structures: Bridges, towers
Solarbeam HBDD1 is designed for inground traffic use. Solarbeam HBHL and HBYC1/2 are designed for use on above ground structures.

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  • Works in sunlight, rain or shade
  • Automatic on/off
  • Semi-permanent life
  • Large charge/discharge cycle
  • More than 10 year life
  • Available in 5 colours (blinking and constant-on versions)